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Have you ever had occasion to fall in love with a city? If not, Poznan will take your heart with its unique treasures, which stand dreamily watching their own reflections in the fast flowing Warta River. Here, history and tradition interweave with modernity offering you everything from bustling tourist attractions to idyllic hideaways. The city is perfect for romantic getaways. Even if you walk the cobbled streets alone, you will be swept away by the magic that has given Poznan a reputation for being Poland’s most popular small-big city.

The City

On the right bank of the river you will find a city rich with history. The old Ostrów Tumski dates back to the 10th century and the birth of Poland, and if you head to the cathedral you will find, within its cool walls, the tombs of the first Polish kings. Cross over to the left bank of the Warta and you will come across crowds of students visiting the Old Town Square with its Renaissance Town Hall and colourful buildings with ornamental trimmings. If you look up at the Town Hall at noon you will see two little goats skip out of the tower clock. This will not mean you have had too much beer, it is merely one of Poznan’s famous children’s attractions.

For Kids

Poznań is a great place to visit with your kids. They can enjoy a wide range of activities.

City Card

Discover Poznań with the Poznań City Card! This is the best and least expensive way to get to know our city and the adjacent area. Free access to public transport, free or discounted admission to museums, numerous attractions and restaurants - it is a unique opportunity to save money and time. The Poznań City Card comes in three versions: one-, two- and three-day with the options: normal and discounted with transportation or without. Holders of the Poznań City Card are entitled, among other things, to: free use of public transportation in Poznań and Poznań County, free admission to most of Poznań's museums, discounted admission to sports and recreational facilities, discounted admission to the Palm House and the Zoo, discounts at restaurants.


Maybe you’ve already wondered what the festivals in Poznań can be like? Well they surely do differ one from the other, they deal with different topics and different art forms, however a common demeanor is the unique atmosphere that they offer. Attending some of them might be similar to an exotic journey, yet all of them are a good excuse to additionally discover Poznań and the diverse facets that the city has to offer. Each of the events listed is organized yearly so don’t worry about missing out on anything.


Poznan is a great place for culture lovers. If you're lucky, you can take part in one of many great festivals. If there's no festivals when you visit Poznan, don't worry! You can still enjoy a great concert, a theatrical perfomance or an exhibition. You can find several art-houses in Poznan, where you can enjoy selected movies.


Poznan is the perfect size to spend a couple of days just walking around and enjoying yourself. Whether you are enjoying this city alone or not, there are both exclusive hotels and charming hostels to choose from.


If you prefer a tent or a camper over a luxurious hotel room, Poznań won't disappoint you.

Around Poznan

Poznań is undoubtedly one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Poland. The city’s surrounding areas with their many attractions are a perfect supplement to its tourist offer. Thus, both natives and tourists can enjoy many diverse opportunities of spending their free time.

SPA and wellness

If you feel like relaxing and running away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you won't be disappointed. You can find some great SPAs right in the city center. You can also go for a trip outside Poznan and enjoy great spa treatment surrounded by nature.

Do & See

Magnificent buildings in Poznan, whose façades centuries ago witnessed the rising of a fedgling state, stand proudly and harmoniously embraced by the miracles of modern architecture. The city’s many museums tempt passers-by with their rich collections. Poznan today is a dynamic and an ever-expanding centre of learning with more and more students moving to the city each year. This is a city which you can keep exploring endlessly, always finding something interesting or exciting.


A speciality of local cuisine is, above all else, the potato. The Poznanites have perfected a plethora of dishes based around it. However, aside from restaurants serving local fare, it is also possible to find a wide selection of restaurants serving dishes from all four corners of the world.


The Old Town Square has rows of cosy cafés and pubs offering delicious Polish beer and many other treats. If you are looking for something else than Polish beer to drink, you can visit one of the many cafés and treat yourself with a piece of delicious cake.

Bars & Nightlife

At nightfall Poznan transforms itself almost beyond recognition. The seemingly quiet streets are teeming with hidden watering holes and the pumping atmosphere of the countless bars and nightclubs will keep even the most discerning night owl out till dawn.


Poznan is the ideal place for shopping. In this town you will find modern malls and shopping centres, boutiques and the many market squares which offer thousands of collectibles, and they all entice the shoppers to part with their hard-earned cash. Most of the interesting shops can be found in the city centre and you can easily get from one to the other on foot.